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  1. Roverlike
    Rover Lifestyle
  2. Erwin den Hoed
    Erwin den Hoed
    Received my BRM Alloy rims. i took the wheels of myself. Now i am gonna powder coat 5 of them in silver. And spray the other 4 BRM orange.
  3. NORM
    Hi,just started restoring no 383,after my son has"borrowed"it for a couple of years.
  4. Nigel
    Nigel Hamness
    Hi Hamness,
    R200 BRM is currently closer to you than you might think, it is about 2 miles from Dursley! Looks on the map as you are near Yate??
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    2. Hamness
      And there was me thinking you were down in Dorset ! Get yourself on the location map. I am in Iron Acton, about 3 miles from Yate/Chipping Sodbury.
      Jan 31, 2017
    3. Hamness
      Jan 31, 2017
  5. petejric
    Still enjoy driving the Rover after 17years
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  6. Nigel
    Press Car 6
  7. Nigel
    New Member with BRM Registration R200BRM, was just wondering how to find out what the build number is??
  8. DarthRaiden
    Level 35 today
  9. Erwin den Hoed
    Erwin den Hoed Mat Smith
    hey mat smith i want it afcours, you have a picture?
  10. Erwin den Hoed
    Erwin den Hoed cosworth
    hey cosworth do you have a picture of the engine? is it the 18k4k engine from the brm with turbo?
  11. Erwin den Hoed
    Erwin den Hoed Ravinder
    hey Ravinder , you sold those mudflaps? where can i get them otherwise?
  12. Erwin den Hoed
    Erwin den Hoed rich f
    hey Rich , the alloy wheels you still got them?
  13. Thierry Kreis
    Thierry Kreis Adam
    Hi Adam,
    I am a new member from Luxembourg. I just bought a left hand brm . I'm the third owner and apparently this car was delivered from new to Luxembourg. Does this car belong to the 50 Belgian cars? Can you please tell me the build number.
    thanks Thierry
    1. Fast Alan
      Fast Alan
      Adam has your Chassis number and will sort it for you,till then please no numbers on a public forum.
      Nov 25, 2016
  14. fadows
    Feeling excited, can't wait to pick up JHJ from the garage.
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  15. nono62
    nono62 Yves
    Ok, j'attends vos photos, cdlt
  16. nono62
    nono62 Yves
    1999, malheuresement je devrais les changer. sinon vous les vendez combien les jantes?
    1. Yves
      je suis ouvre a des offres, je vais prendre des photos ce weekend si je trouve le temps
      Oct 12, 2016
  17. nono62
    nono62 Yves
    Bonjour Yves,
    combien vendez vous vos jantes? Les pneus sont ils bons? Cordialement,
    1. Yves
      Les pneus sont parfait, mais de 1999... ;-)
      Oct 11, 2016
  18. Schutte
    Schutte Adam
    Built number of the car is last numbers of chassisnumber?
  19. Lackoftalent
    Hi all,new member here
    1. Hamness
      Hi and welcome. Put a post in the "newbies" section.
      Jul 26, 2016
  20. simon. woodland
    simon. woodland
    Thank. You. All. For the. Messages of welcome.