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  1. garythesnail

    garythesnail Drives a real bubble.

    I prefer to think of it as late twenties

    Really late twenties
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    BRMFUN Fun in a BRuM Moderator Member

    Took Red to Midlands F and TF register event and found a friend! 5C059B12-34B6-4D3F-AFB8-9A22034571AF.jpeg C16CD15E-9032-4360-A864-B9396356309B.jpeg Below wasn’t on the roof of a proper Mini. 9258DE9D-9D46-4BE8-A92E-4B849E092480.jpeg Loved this, Metro Turbo in nice condition. 6F9F25F7-D937-4E82-8CEC-ADA947E39E5C.jpeg This thing had rust that had given up the metal was so thick :laugh: 9183C453-7A33-4402-90D1-FC5927BEDE5B.jpeg The lines from the rear of these Escorts is so 70s 925F912B-384D-4FE6-A76D-0147E62F6961.jpeg
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  3. Roverlike

    Roverlike Garvin in Disguise Moderator Member

    Wow, where you taken this picture from?

    Last days I was so thinking about 'Get Carter' movie that I would need to watch it again. I read a lot stuff about that movie, and I find it very fascinating.
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    BRMFUN Fun in a BRuM Moderator Member

    Just a small local meet near Kidderminster Worcestershire.

    BRMFUN Fun in a BRuM Moderator Member

    Past the MOT today :mml:

    Three jobs done first though, headlight alignment and hand brake :laugh: but worst was n/s bottom ball joint! Two options replace the whole arm £90 and drop the subframe :yikes: so I opted for a £15 bolt on joint and hours with a drill and a grinder and a cheisel and a hammer :laugh: finally...

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  6. Fast Alan

    Fast Alan Mr September Staff Member Member

    Nasty well done :)
  7. bennyboy7777

    bennyboy7777 Member Member

    why would you need to drop the subframe pat, i know its unnecessary to replace arm but it can be taken out without dropping subframe off i think.

    BRMFUN Fun in a BRuM Moderator Member

    To get the bolt out the subframe has to be lowered, not much but enough to be a pain in the arse :laugh:
  9. bennyboy7777

    bennyboy7777 Member Member

    i see, i remember having the arms out of my tf to put new rubber bushing in but it could have been at the same time i took the front subframe down, easier jobs than lying outside dropping subframes off lol.
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  10. BRMFUN

    BRMFUN Fun in a BRuM Moderator Member

    Yeah I was not doing it even in a warm garage :laugh:
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  11. BRMFUN

    BRMFUN Fun in a BRuM Moderator Member

    Not an update I want to give but here goes. I am finally home after being in a serious accident in the TF, serious concussion and various cuts and bruises, is all I had some others were not so lucky. The car saved me apparently, I have no idea as I was not conscious, however I know it is dead :( , which is upsetting but all things being said I am still here and can always get another one.
    However my outlook on life has changed somewhat !!!
  12. GT-

    GT- Urban Legend Member

    I'm a bit lost for an appropriate response, a mixture of WTF with your luck in that car, and relief that it helped save your life! Perhaps it's repaying you for the TLC you've shown it.

    As you rightfully say, after all is said and done, you're still here to tell the tale and with comparatively minimal physical injuries.

    Concussion isn't pleasant, and no doubt you're going to be feeling the effects for some time to come, but it will all come right in the end!
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  13. clansman

    clansman BRM Lover

    I'm very pleased you're ok mate. Take things day for a few weeks until your health has steadied up.....
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  14. Yves

    Yves Member Member

    Luck is something you find in a little corner, or a little car

    Good thing you have survived, there are plenty more cars, as soon as you're feeling you need one more

    Next time take the broom and fly
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  15. Rab Anderson

    Rab Anderson Tent Erector

    Take it easy, big man.
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  16. peasantslife

    peasantslife Member Member

    Hmm, a predominantly positive outcome for all I hope? Cars are intended to be sacrificial, so I'm pleased it helped you. Stats are saying we have a drift in the wrong direction currently...
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