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    I prefer to think of it as late twenties

    Really late twenties
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    Took Red to Midlands F and TF register event and found a friend! 5C059B12-34B6-4D3F-AFB8-9A22034571AF.jpeg C16CD15E-9032-4360-A864-B9396356309B.jpeg Below wasn’t on the roof of a proper Mini. 9258DE9D-9D46-4BE8-A92E-4B849E092480.jpeg Loved this, Metro Turbo in nice condition. 6F9F25F7-D937-4E82-8CEC-ADA947E39E5C.jpeg This thing had rust that had given up the metal was so thick :laugh: 9183C453-7A33-4402-90D1-FC5927BEDE5B.jpeg The lines from the rear of these Escorts is so 70s 925F912B-384D-4FE6-A76D-0147E62F6961.jpeg
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    Wow, where you taken this picture from?

    Last days I was so thinking about 'Get Carter' movie that I would need to watch it again. I read a lot stuff about that movie, and I find it very fascinating.

    BRMFUN Fun in a BRuM Moderator

    Just a small local meet near Kidderminster Worcestershire.

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