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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by peasantslife, Jan 27, 2019.

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    As I mentioned last week, on Saturday I went to Devon to collect a dealers sign...Its not perfect up close, but then I suppose you are only expected to view from the ground...and its been up for more that 10 years longer than most. But if you want it for the NEC Resto show as a bit of backdrop, then you are very welcome to borrow it. I'll be there anyway so no problem with delivery.

    The sad thing is why it has become available. The firm I know have been Rover / Land Rover dealers for RoW Territories (rest of the world) for donkeys years, shipping from a pallet to a container out to far flung islands and countries where Land Rovers (and some Rovers) have washed up, yet dont have formal Dealership networks, 20181113_143940.jpg but last year they were told by JLR that they were to lose their franchise...Hence have forced the closure of the business. I'd used them to hoover up for me a number of remaindered stock parts before they went to scrap....and had mentioned when/if they wanted rid of the sign to let me know. Doesnt look too big does it? Just a couple of feet square.

    But once its down.....

    It's actually 1.4m x 1.4m x about 70mm aluminum folded box with the acrilic bonded in, so it could be illuminated...just a wash and brush up will smarten it up no end.
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    Wow that’s massive!! Shame about the business though :(
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    I still have some "Austin Rover" signs


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    Are you able to disclose what the dealer was called, as this is on my home turf and I've never come across a combined Rover and Land Rover parts specialist?
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    I cant give away all my secrets...
    Partimex Trading International. +44 (0)1884 35522, Unit B
    Devon Business Park
    Saunders Way
    Kings Mill Industrial Estate
    EX15 1BS
    United Kingdom
    Adrian is the boss. There was almost nothing in the warehouse when I was there and they were planning on closing the doors pretty soon. Unit up for sale as well. I'm sure there is a story to be told..
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    Thanks for this update. I must admit I had never heard of them before, even though they are a forty minute drive away from me.

    A shame to loose such an enthusiastic business supporting both Rover and Land Rover.
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    Indeed. Unless you are in a dominion or territory, which sort of excludes of devon or cornwall why would you? There was a dealer network to support you.
    Today I was given a lead to a quantity (so say 'Truck load') of original parts for competition ZR/F/TF components including lightweight ZR doors and tailgates....Hmmm. I'll follow up in the week, see what it really means.
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    You really like the doghouse, don't you?
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